Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | September 21, 2007

Benign neglect

Both my garden and my garden blog have been suffering from benign neglect for the last several weeks. My garden hasn’t had much attention since late July/early August, and my garden blog has been ignored for much longer.

Today I began to correct that. I spent my lunch hour weeding my overgrown vegetable garden (that’s one of the many benefits of working from home) and found two treasures hidden in the weeds, veggies, and herbs: two watermelons.

I discovered the first watermelon hidden among a basil plant, overgrown cherry tomatoes, and weeds:

Watermelon 1

I discovered the second watermelon in the neighboring bed, hidden among the world’s happiest sage plant (now severely pruned but still mammoth) and weeds:

Watermelon 2

What a surprise to find these gems and what a lovely reward for spending my lunch hour cleaning up my vegetable beds.

I bought these ‘crimson sweet’ watermelon seedlings on a whim, expecting little because I have terrible luck with melons, planted and forgot them. They’re nowhere near the 20-pound fruits the tag promises, but I’m going to give them more time, and from now on, more attention.


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