Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | April 27, 2009

Take a closer look

RJ Eskow destroys the “ticking time bomb” argument that torture advocates like to use, one that’s spawned from their ridiculous 24 fantasies:

The ticking time bomb. We’ve been hearing about it for years, but it’s never actually happened. Yet its constantly being brought up – to justify torture in thousands of situations where there is no ticking time bomb. What kind of sense does that make?

Here’s an analogy: It’s possible to imagine a scenario where the only way to free kidnapped children is by having sex with the beautiful woman who is holding them hostage. (Call it the ‘beautiful kidnapper’ scenario.) What we’re seeing now is the moral equivalent of a roomful of cheating husbands, all citing the ‘beautiful kidnapper’ scenario – to justify their affairs with women they picked up in a bar.

Torture is wrong. Torture is against American and international law. The ends do not justify the means. Civilized societies do not torture. End of discussion.


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