Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | May 9, 2009

Fighting anti-vaccine ignorance

Another doctor, noting that “Diseases that once killed thousands of children a year are all but unheard of now,”  fights the anti-vaccine ignorance being peddled by the likes of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. Key quote from pediatrician Dr. Dan Summers:

The real tragedy here is that Mr. Carrey has egregiously chosen to pretend to know important information that he clearly does not. The “science” his organization provides, and which he presents as being so clearly on his side, does little or nothing to actually support his claim. Indeed, the vast majority of the peer-reviewed science provided by Generation Rescue is wholly unrelated to the connection between autism and vaccinations, a question that has been asked and answered as far as the legitimate medical community is concerned.

Autism is a tragic disease. We need to find out what causes it and find better ways to treat it. Let’s not waste scarce, precious resources continuning to look for a cause where science has clearly shown that it does not exist. And let’s not put millions of children at risk for deadly diseases that can be safely avoided by vaccination.

Vaccines do not cause autism. Vaccines save lives by preventing deadly diseases.



  1. Jenny McCarthy gets Skeptically pwnd!!!

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