Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | May 17, 2009

Swift Boat-style politics come to Morgan Hill

And they’ve come to our fair town with the most unlikely of topics — Measure A. According to the Morgan Hill Times, “Measure A would allow 500 residential units to be built downtown by exempting them from the details of the city’s growth control ordinance while maintaining its main intention, a population cap of 48,000 people by 2020.”

It moves 500 units from the outskirts of the city, where services are expensive to deliver, to the downtown core, to encourage foot traffic in the city’s downtown. It puts people closer to public transit. It increases the city’s stock of housing for singles, young couples, and empty nesters, which it currently is woefully short of.

Measure A is supported by a wide variety of folks — who are waging an honest campaign to convince voters.

Measure A is a good thing, and it has absolutely nothing to do with downtown Morgan Hill’s Granada Theater.

Which is why the signs and web site that link the completely disparate issues with “Save the Granada No on Measure A” are so despicable.

These lily-livered anonymous Swift Boat spawn admit to their dishonesty on their web site:

We are aware that Measure A speaks only to the increase in housing for the downtown corridor and that a defeat to Measure A may or may not assist in our efforts to save the Granada.

Of course, that’s hard to put on an eye-catching sign that devotes its space to big-font lies like the ones that popped up downtown this weekend.

I’m guessing that whoever is behind this Swift Boat-style dishonesty waited until the weekend before the election so that Measure A supporters wouldn’t have time to call them on their bullshit. I’m hoping that in this new voting environment that’s increasingly fueled by permanent absentee voters, they waited too late.

We’ll see on Tuesday.



  1. as long as the voice of the majority is being followed, there is no problem with that. this, given that the majority thinks for the good of everyone.

  2. No, it is most definitly NOT OK, it most definitely IS a problem.

    It is NOT acceptable to lie to get the majority of the people to agree with your position.

    The ends do NOT justify the means. Believing that the ends justifies the means leads to all sorts of terrible behavior, say, like torture, or defending torture.

    • Er, definitely.

      I type too fast when I’m passionate.

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