Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | June 1, 2009

Haiku fun

Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I used to trade haiku with a city employee during long, boring meetings. This employee would flash a 5-7-5 hand signal at me, and we were off composing haiku about the goings-on at the meeting. Thus, I was excited to see that the Facebook group Telling Rush Limbaugh He’s Full of Crap sponsored a Rush-themed haiku contest. Some of my favorites follow:

Bloviating ass.
Squeeze your head on my garden.
I need the manure.

~ Mark B. Albright

He screams at the world
So afraid of change that Rush
eats Oxycontin

~ Joe Graziano

I see Limbaugh’s girth
And I wonder with such hope
Did he eat Glenn Beck?

~ Joe Graziano


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