Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | June 12, 2009

Editors are important, part 50

Now I’m beginning to wonder if The Daily Beast even has editors. I’ve read exactly two entries on the site in the last two days, and both have glaring errors. Today’s problem is in a post from Kim Masters about autism-vaccine-crap peddler Jim Carrey’s efforts to start a “spiritual movement.” Here’s the goof:

Headling the GATE gathering on the Fox lot were spiritual seeker Jim Carrey and Eckhart Tolle, the Oprah Winfrey-approved author of The Power of Now. She did a 10-week “webinar” on his book last year.

Did Masters mean Heading or perhaps Headlining instead? I don’t know, but I do know that an editor — or a spellchecker — should have caught this non-word.


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