Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | June 16, 2009

A garden again, soon

It’s been six months since I’ve blogged about my garden. We moved in November to a house without a vegetable garden in its completely unlandscaped back yard and with plants in the front that I didn’t select and didn’t feel any connection to. But that should be changing. We’ve replaced the thirsty, maintenance-intensive front lawn with low-water, low-maintenance plants, giving me a connection to at least some of the plants in the front of the house.

But even more important to my gardener’s soul, work began today on landscaping the back yard. The plan was months in the making — I’m not quite sure why — but I’ve accepted a bid and workers were out today pulling weeds. I neglected to get any pictures of the weed-filled back yard, but I’m starting to document the process of turning our back yard into a place to garden and enjoy our view.


This shot looks southwest. The entire area was covered with weeds ranging from a few inches to five feet tall. I’m standing where our six citrus trees will be planted very soon.


These bundles contain the weeds that were removed today. Behind the bundles is a photinia hedge, the only plants that are staying in the back yard. These bundles are sitting roughly where one of my three raised vegetable gardens will be. The raised beds will be made out of precast concrete blocks that mimic stone.



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