Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | June 22, 2009

Face of the revolution?

Neda Soltani, a 16-year-old Iranian girl, was killed in Tehran by a sniper, the New York Daily News reports. Key quote:

Her quick and brutal death in the arms of her howling father was captured on close-up video, posted to Facebook and sent to computer screens across the world.

…Iconic posters of her dead face, open-eyed and bloody, were carried by demonstrators in Los Angeles and New York City within hours.

The New York Daily News report includes heart-rending video footage of Neda’s last moments.



  1. I would like to leave my comment as a poem.
    Thank You.

    (For The Iranian People)

    Her beautiful face and voice speaks to us
    in the streets, on the rooftops of Tehran,
    O Neda, O Neda!
    Voice of the stars, voice of the earth, voice of the people…
    Your death is not forsaken,
    Neither among the swelling protesters who have taken up
    the banner, where you have fallen…
    Who among us will ever forget seeing you die bravely
    among those who raged against the dictator,
    against the tyrannies of this world!
    Your name, which means voice, is now our voice
    for all time.

    Luis Lazaro Tijerina
    Burlington, Vermont

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