Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | June 23, 2009

The ways we discriminate

For folks suffering under the delusion that we live in a completely egalitarian meritocracy, Business Week has an article about the motherhood penalty to disabuse them of that fantasy (as if marriage inequality, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, inequalities in incarceration rates, and much more weren’t enough). Key quote:

While study after study focuses on the gender gap in wages, the pay gap between mothers and childless women is actually bigger than the pay gap between women and men, according to sociologist Shelley Correll, Stephen Benard, and In Paik. …

Using fake resumes for two equally qualified candidates–one childless, one a mom—the researchers found that the mother was 100% less likely to be hired when she applied for a position. Mothers were consistently ranked as less competent and less committed than non-moms. “They were also offered $11,000 a year less pay, on average, than an equally qualified childless candidate.”

There’s no such gap between fathers and childless men.



  1. A cool post right there mate ! Cheers for it !

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