Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | July 1, 2009

That close

Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan reviews the new profile of onetime Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin written by Todd Purdum and published in Vanity Fair. Key quote:

[Palin’s] narcissism, the pathological and incessant lying, the viciousness, the delusions of grandeur, the vindictiveness, the fathomless and proud ignorance, the opportunism, the vanity, the white trash concupiscence and fraudulence in almost every respect: these are now indisputable. How an advanced democracy came that close to having this farce of a candidate running the most powerful country on earth reveals how deep the corruption of our politics and especially our media are. …

… in Washington even those who seem able to put principle before partisanship are all liars and hypocrites in the end. Chief among these goons is John McCain, a man whose reputation should never, ever recover from this act of wanton irresponsibility and cynicism.




  1. It’s a fill in the blank hate piece, easily modified for whomever your target happens to be.

  2. That’s simply not the case. The criticisms of Sarah Palin, for example, do not apply to Barack Obama. The sooner that conservatives can open their eyes to the flaws of their “leaders” and stop reacting defensively when legitimate criticisms are leveled, the sooner they’ll be able to win elections. Or, shut your eyes and ears and keep reliving 2006 and 2008. Your choice.

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