Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | October 14, 2009

It’s a habit, I guess

The RNC’s new web site claims that Jackie Robinson, the “baseball player, civil rights activist” who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier, was a Republican. Except, he wasn’t. ThinkProgress sets the record straight:

However, one of the people listed as a “great Republican” is baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who actually identified himself as an independent. In fact, Robinson spoke out about the “hatred” he saw at the 1964 GOP convention, where Barry Goldwater won the nomination. He called it “one of the most unforgettable and frightening experiences of my life.”

I guess when you start lying, you just can’t stop: WMD, who was responsible for 9/11, whether or not this country tortures, war heroes, view from Alaska, friends of presidential candidates, children of presidential candidates, birthplaces of presidents, contents of bills. Republicans ought to be ashamed of this endless and sickening record.



  1. Why do you think lying is a bad thing? Both Democrats and Republicans, and any other politician or human being for that fact, lie. What makes you single out one group of people over another?

  2. Lying is bad when violates the golden rule or is done for the liar’s benefit. For example, lying about WMDs and Iraq’s involvement in 9/11 to convince Congress and the American people to support a war they’d never support otherwise is bad; lying to spare someone’s feelings about a bad hair day is not. Not too fine a distinction for you, is it?

    And of course lying isn’t limited to one political party, and I never said it was. But the amount of lying that that conservatives, Republicans, neo-cons, and religious right wingnuts have been doing, the length of time they’ve been doing it, and the disastrous consequences their lies have had on the nation and the rest of the world have earned them the liars spotlight.

  3. Tell someone their hair looks fine when it is messed up is saving you the trouble of telling them and letting them look like a fool, how is that a good thing for them? A lie is for the lier’s benefit only.

    The Iraq war was started when Iraq refused to follow UN demands. Then the Democrats and Republicans in congress gave the Commander in Chief the legal right to use American military forces to back up the United Nations. You really should stop getting your history lessons from the DNC.

  4. I dont’ get my history from the Democratic Party, I get it from the facts. How about these from the Center for Public Integrity:

    They’ve posted their report, their credentials, and their methodoligies. Too much of a whiff of the academic elite for you? Not enough of the crap spewed by Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Weiner Savage, Coulter and Malkin for you to swallow it?

    By the way, learn to spell LIAR.

    And not all lies are for the liar’s benefit. One example does not prove your case. Sometimes people are shielded from devastating news. Lies are not always for the liar’s benefit. A lie is an immoral deception.

    You diminish the standing of real lies — like the ones that Bush/Cheney and their crew told and continue to tell (immoral deceptions) when you try to lump them in with white lies like not telling Grandma some piece of devastating news.

    But, since you’re a Bush/Cheney apologist, you clearly need to diminish the harm that administration caused both to this country and around the world.

    Try to fool yourself, which shouldn’t be too hard, because clearly you wouldn’t know intellectual honesty if it bit you on the ass, but you won’t fool me.

  5. Give me a scenario when telling a lie is not for the liar’s benefit?

    By the way, my spelling and grammar skills are the result of a New York government school education.

  6. I’ve already given you several.

  7. You only gave one, the infamous “bad hair day” lie. How does lying to someone about their hair a benefit for them? You think it is better for them to think their hair looks good when everyone, including you, know it looks bad. Lying about the appearance of their hair is to save you from having to tell them the truth and risking them being mad at you.

    Lying is always for the benefit of the liar.

  8. No wonder you can’t reason, you also can’t read. I also gave the example of sparing someone devastating news.

    Lies are not always for the benefit of the liar, and you repeating it doesn’t make it so.

  9. Sparing someone from devastating news is for your benefit. All you are doing is pushing the responsibility of telling them on to someone else so you don’t have to be the bearer of bad news. The person will have to hear the devastating news eventually so all you are doing is saving yourself, so again the lie is for the liars benefit.

  10. No, the lie is to spare someone else.

    When Euna Lee’s daughter asked why Mommy didn’t come home on time from her trip to North Korea, should her father have told her that she was sentenced to hard labor for 12 years and she shouldn’t count on seeing her till she was a teenager?

    Of course not, that would be cruel. Instead, I’m sure she was told something much gentler and pretty damn far from the truth.

    You are a closed-minded, no-shades-of-grey idiot.

    I’m done with you.

  11. It is crueler to lie to the child because when she finds out the truth she will loose trust in those that lied to her.

    Lying to the child only makes it easier for the liar so they can postpone the child’s pain so that the liar does not have to be the one to tell her. A truly moral person would tell the child the truth, in terms the child would understand.

    Just because you try to justify your action by creating situation that allow you to do things you know are wrong does not make me closed-minded, it makes me a free thinker. Try following your logic and see if you really believe it, if you do then you are truly misguided and are just following the herd.

    I am not done with you because I believe there is hope for everyone to be open minded if they are challenged to think through things instead of following what others say is ok.

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