Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | October 22, 2009

No phone book, please

I just walked up the driveway to put an envelope in the mailbox, and there, wrapped in a plastic bag, was a Valley Yellow Pages phone book. I walked it directly to the recycling bin.

Is there any way to stop getting these relics of a bygone era? If I need a phone number, I look it up on the Internet. It’s a waste of paper and energy to print and deliver a phone book to my house. I bet it’s a waste to print and deliver them to the vast majority households and businesses in Silicon Valley, and a simple majority of households and businesses in the United States.

How about sending these old-fashioned behemoths only to folks who request them? I know, ad revenue would fall dramatically after it became clear how few people actually use these things.

But really, they’re such a complete waste.



  1. My response as well, but my husband still claims they are useful, so I have to sneak it into the recycling.

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