Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | November 12, 2009

Who redefined marriage?

Dan Savage reminds us that straight people redefined marriage into something that’s appropriate for same-sex couples, and takes down a few other “retarded” arguments against marriage equality while he’s at it, all in less than three minutes:

As I’ve said before, “There are no fallacy-free, factual or constitutional arguments to support banning same-sex marriage.” All marriage inequality arguments are inherently ridiculous.



  1. Did you come out of your father’s ass?

    Babies are not born out of Men’s asses.

    Babies are born out of Womea who gets fertilized by a Man.

    You gay people don’t seem to get that.

  2. Wow, your poor spelling, capitalization and writing skills reveal your level of intelligence: damn low. Of course, your utterly laughable attempt at rebutting marriage equality arguments corroborates that assessment.

    (Hope those words don’t have too many syllables for you.)

    Did you even watch this video? I doubt it, because if you did, you’d know that Dan Savage destroys the “marriage requires kids” argument that you so lamely and crudely attempt to make in your insipid comment (oops, more big words). I’ll recap them below:

    1. Marriage has nothing to do with procreation. We don’t require heterosexual people to reproduce or even be able to reproduce to marry. Thus, it doesn’t apply to marriages between homosexual couples either.

    2. But even if marriage is about reproduction, the argument is still full of holes: Same-sex couples — whether made up of male or female partners — can use many means to reproduce, just like straight couples: artificial insemination, adoption, surrogacy. Some have even conceived kids with opposite-sex partners before coming out of the closet.

    3. In addition, because gay parents exist, when you deny them the right to marry, you damage their kids and the “family.” So it’s fair to say that marriage equality opponents are anti-children and anti-family.

    Why do you assume I’m gay because I support marriage equality?

    I support marriage equality because I’m a patriot who supports the Constitution. I understand that it diminishes all of us and our nation when we fail to do that.

    The Constitution promises equal protection under the law to all citizens. We are not living up to that promise when we prevent one class of citizens from marrying based on their sexual orientation.

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