Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | November 19, 2009

Critical thinking hope

Will Phillips, a 10-year-old in West Fork, Alabama, gives me hope that some of our kids are learning the critical thinking skills that are utterly key to the survival of American ideals as expressed in the Constitution. He’s refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance because, as he told the Arkansas Times, “I’ve always tried to analyze things because I want to be lawyer. I really don’t feel that there’s currently liberty and justice for all.”

Will sees that homosexuals do not have “liberty and justice” because of the disastrous Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, because of the Defense of Marriage Act, because of people like Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri, because of their inability to marry in the vast majority of states.

And he’s taken the most concrete action that a fifth-grader can against it, even in the face of juvenile and predictable peer pressure aimed at bringing him back in line with the ignorant masses. All at the tender age of 10.

You go, Will. I’m proud of you.


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