Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | November 28, 2009

Meet PZ Myers

New Scientist magazine profiles one of my favorite bloggers, PZ Myers, the University of Minnesota biology professor who writes Pharyngula. Key quote:

In Pharyngula, Myers campaigns for evolutionary science, takes aim at creationists and proselytises for atheism while ridiculing religious beliefs with a sharp virtual tongue. In one blog post, for example, he wrote, “There are days when it is agony to read the news, because people are so goddamned stupid… And nothing makes them stupider than religion.”

In person Myers says, “Religion in this country is protected by a wall of silence. You cannot argue with religion. As an atheist I try to teach people that you don’t have to respect religious differences or ideas. This is something that I would like to get across to people: disrespecting ideas is a good thing.”

Or, as I put it recently, ridiculing the ridiculous.


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