Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | November 28, 2009

Next time you argue with a creationist or evangelist

Have the appendix from forthcoming book 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein handy. Presented on the Edge Foundation’s web site along with an excerpt of the novel’s first chapter, the appendix identifies the many flaws in 36 arguments that a supernatural being exists.



  1. What would be the point? No theist would lend credence to an argument put forth by one of the Godless. Doing so would be akin to listening to a sewer rat or some other form of vermin.

  2. Most atheists and agnostics I know came from religious (from mildly to devoutly) households. Obviously, they had to come to a place, then, where they rejected their faith. That certainly was true for me; I was raised in a extremely fundamentalist Christian home (I was born at Bob Jones University hospital, the university where my parents were students).

    Clearly, some theists are open to arguments that debunk the nonsense they’ve been spoon-fed for years.

  3. No; I doubt your assertion. I’ve never met one of the Godless who ever had faith, not even the ones raised in proper families.

    Something is just lacking or broken within them. They lack the intrinsic human capacity for faith.

    It’s a shame really. Still, humans can and should tolerate them and care for them in such ways as are possible and non-damaging to society.

    • And your evidence for your assertion is … ? You provide none, just your assumption about agnostics and atheists.

      I at least provide evidence for my assertion: my story and the stories of many others. And that evidence invalidates your assertion that all agnostics and atheists are “broken.”

      • I never mentioned agnostics, Ms. Pampuch.

        Tell me of an Atheist who truly had faith and then truly lost it – Theist-to-Atheist – and I’m willing to rethink things. I’ve met none such though.

  4. First, it’s your assertion, not mine, so the burden is on you to prove it, not me. So far, you’ve offered exactly zero proof.

    Second, you said “the Godless” which logically includes atheists and agnostics, or does in common usage. Agnostics are just atheists who realize that you can’t prove a negative; the difference has no practical effect on their behavior. Both live their lives as if there is no god, either because they recognize that the preponderance of the evidence points that way or because they’ve concluded that there is no god.

    So, my examples of agnostics and atheists who once had faith and no longer do still stands and counters and nullifies your unsupportable assertion.

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