Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | November 29, 2009

Idiocy run amok

The Boston Globe reports that a Methuen, Mass., woman named Mary Jo Coady believes Jesus appeared on her dirty old Wal-Mart iron. Here’s the image:
Here’s why this is idiotic:
  1. No one knows what Jesus looked like.
  2. The person in this image looks like she either has the mumps or is gathering acorns for the winter in her left cheek.
  3. With all the problems in the world that could benefit from supernatural attention — for example, world hunger, war, genital mutilation, AIDS, childhood cancer — why would Jesus spend his time appearing on an iron (or a grilled cheese sandwich, or a store window, or a water tower, or any of the other ridiculous places the faithful have claimed to spied him)?
  4. Given all the problems that Coady herself is facing — the Globe reports that recently Coady “separated from her husband; moved out of the home they owned and where they had raised their family; watched her hours get trimmed at work; and unpacked slowly in the rented two-family house where she now resides with her daughters, up against Route 110” — why in the world would this dumb image be “uplifting” for Cody?
  5. Does this look any more like the European, non-Jewish Jesus that appears in most Christian images of Jesus than it looks like, say Minnie Driver, or even Coady herself? Sheesh, it barely looks human.
  6. This is news?
At least this critically thinking-challenged Christian is just seeing Jesus on an iron, instead of doing real damage like so many other religious folks who are busy trying to impose their supernatural beliefs on every one else and decimating the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state in the process.
Update 12/2/09:
Travis Morgan tells Mary Jo Coady that he’ll see her “Jesus” on an iron and raise her one Flying Spaghetti Monster on an iron:
Can you see his noodly appendage?


  1. […] a quote that I love from Travis Morgan, the philosopher/artist/poet/musician who brought us the Flying Spaghetti Monster on an iron image: Prayer without action is hopeless. Action without prayer is […]

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