Posted by: Lisa Pampuch | August 20, 2010

Editors are important, part 73

CNN provides us two examples of why editors are important.

First, here’s a capture of a CNN screen posted at The Daily Dish:

Second, here’s an item (with video) from Politico’s Ben Smith about (one hopes) unfiltered Twitter comments that CNN ran along its news crawl:

As Wolf Blitzer and Rick Sanchez talked about the crisis in U.S. Israel relations, captions included, “Israel is greedy,” and “Jewish lobby runs America.”

The items are authentic replies to Sanchez’s Twitter feed and come with attributions to their Twitter authors.

Moral of this story: Have an editor read things before you air them. Editors catch embarrassing misspellings. They exercise editorial judgment about which viewer reactions to include and which to nix. To mix metaphors, this is not rocket surgery.



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