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I love to hear from readers. However, I don’t respond to all email messages; I have a full-time job and a family and this blog is a spare-time activity. I don’t respond to rude, abusive or disrespectful messages.

Why no comments on this blog? Because I dislike anonymous comments. My name, photo and email message are attached to my opinions on this blog, but none of that is required for commenters. That sense of anonymity somehow gives people license to behave in rude, abusive, illogical ways that they would never consider without it. Requiring comments to go through email is my admittedly imperfect attempt to even the playing field.


  1. Did you see the flap about the billboard in South Bend, IN talking about pubic schools? Now there’s a billboard in need of an editor…

  2. When we lived in Fremont, Morgan Hill felt like it was SO far away. I remember the first time we drove down to see you. We drove, and drove, and drove (or that’s how it felt!) and then we saw a sign that said ‘Morgan Hill 10 miles’. Ten more miles? Really? This place must be in the middle of NOWHERE! 🙂

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